Does Voting Matter? Did It Ever?

James Altucher was as thought-provoking as ever (link:

In this column he had written:

People get very upset about this voting thing. I’m accused of being unpatriotic, for instance. Or my little 10 year old told me, “more people will run stop signs if we don’t have a President.” She associates a President with a magical parent. Perhaps projecting her own sense that I don’t give her enough boundaries for her to figure out where the edge of childhood ends and adulthood begins. I let her run a Stop sign when I don’t set a bedtime, or turn her TV off. She wants a President who will  tell her when to “STOP!”

We’re just coming back from Fall Break, so I might use this as a review with two of my US History classes.  I’m going to ask them which of the Presidencies that we’ve discussed might have been more successful if the President had followed Altucher’s advice.

I’ll also send them to the Word Wall and have them explain to me which policy would have suffered or succeeded by following this advice.  Or, if they would rather, which of these policies were immediately impacted by popular approval or disapproval?


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