Election Theft!

Infowars.com had this a couple of days ago (link: http://www.infowars.com/how-to-steal-an-election-obamney-2012/).

The columnist (Prometheus Unchained!!  Is it too late to change one of my kid’s names??), described a number of methods including 1. The Election Does Not Make Logical Sense, 2. A Close Election Within Contestable Margins, 3. The Results are Delayed Due to Numerous Legal Challenges, 4. Threats and Acts of Violence Mar the Election Process, 5. Bloat the Vote.

Each of the arguments is interesting, but it led me wondering about the expanding election process during the Jacksonian Era.  I want the students to explain to me how having people who may not have any idea to digest the issues that they are voting on is that different than outright theft.

Furthermore, for World History classes, how different is a contemporary threat of violence from the descent into violent madness that the Roman Republic undertook?


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